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Car Elevator-JIEDA Series
Car Elevator-JIEDA Series
Load range:3000kg-5000kg
Speed range:0.25m/s – 0.5m/s
Traction machine:Geared traction machine
Control cabinet:Dual 32 - bit microcomputer integrated control
Door operator:Permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion door operator
Product Details

JIEDA Series car lift fully used car elevator manufacturing technology.Surapid researched and developed a series of car elevator to meet domestic and international market demand. Adopt the highly mature VVVF control technology to accurately speed control, avoid the noise and car shaking caused by uneven car handling and system load increasing, greatly optimize the characteristics of this unique product, makes your car entry and exit more safe and reliable. JIEDA series car elevators have become the ideal choice of factories, warehouses, department stores, property centers and other places.